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Grilled Mixed Vegetables 9.88 oz
Grilled Mixed Vegetables 9.88 oz

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With its “Grigliata di Verdure” OrtoCori means to offer a complete and at the same time simple genuine product made of the four most representative vegetables of our culinary tradition: eggplants, peppers, onions and zucchini.

After being selected and grilled these four vegetables are seasoned by adding an aromatic herbs- and extra virgin olive oil- based condiment; they are then hand-packaged in glass jars in such a way as to create an inviting and appetizing harmony of colours.

The result is a product unique of its kind, with such a characteristic savoury taste deriving from mixing oil, aromatic herbs and those substances and flavours which are typically released by vegetables during the pasteurization process.

Excellent as a side dish to accompany any meat or fish dish, ideal as a seasoning for pasta, rice or cous cous, delicious  to enrich both fast starters or elaborated hors-d’euvres, OrtoCori “Grigliata di Verdure” is an extremely multipurpose product matching perfectly both simple and sophysticated recipes.