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Tuscan White Bean Appetizer
Jar of Tuscan White Bean Appetizer

Standard Price: $8.00
This Product: 10 oz

These are a traditional Tuscan staple made easy! Heirloom Cannellini beans from the province of Lucca (Cannellini di Lucca) are cooked and prepared with only a few simple ingredients. Tender and full of rich, creamy flavor, the only flavor comes from extra virgin olive oil and fresh sage.

Our creamy and tender Tuscan White Beans make a delicious instant antipasto or side dish. Try them with extra virgin olive oil (we love them with our Italian Caninese Reserve or Coratina) on bruschetta, or mix with fresh tuna chunks and cherry tomatoes for a delicious, protein-rich meal. Drizzle them with our Organic Crushed Sage extra virgin olive oil and serve them alongside grilled steak for a traditional Tuscan meal.

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