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Tonda Iblea, Italy
Bottle of Tonda Iblea Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic, Italy

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This Product: 375ml


In southeastern Sicily, a small, family-owned olive grove brings forth the most prized extra virgin olive oil in all of Italy. Every fall, the first green olives of the year are carefully hand-harvested and cold-pressed within just a few hours to produce this ultra premium extra virgin olive oil. The passion and devotion to the research for absolute quality led to the first historic batch of Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil with its very own D.O.P. designation. "Tonda" is short for "rotonda," which means "round." "Iblea" refers to the Iblei Mountains that contribute to the unique terroir in the region of Chiaramonte Gulfi, where the Tonda Iblea grows. Tonda olive produces a fruity olive oil of medium-high intensity, with bitter and spicy overtone. The aroma of olive leaf is especially intense along with tomatoes and berries subtle.

To the eye, this gorgeous oil is dark green, with golden tones running throughout. To the nose, it is a perfume of heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs, with a light finish of almond and artichoke. To the palate, it is a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, as full-bodied and round as the olives from which it is made- a true taste of the ancient Sicilian soil that produces them.

For the ultimate vinaigrette over salads or grilled vegetables, pair our Tonda Iblea with our Traditional or Red Apple Balsamic vinegars; for the perfect herb marinade for chicken and other meats, simply add fresh rosemary, basil and garlic. When looking for a luxurious finish for exotic meats, pair the Tonda Iblea with any of our Signature Collection Balsamic vinegars, and let your taste-buds enjoy!

100% Mono-Cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Tonda Iblea | Italy | Sicily | D.O.P

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