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Plant-Based Eating, Men's Health
Plant-Based Eating

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Plants have superpowers. They can fill your stomach, fuel your workouts, and even extend your life.
But for some people, a plant-based diet might seem stressful, especially if they believe the "experts" who tell us to eat only plants. Not true.
Smart Plant-based diets are nutritious and delicious and still make room for meat, fish, dairy and eggs. In fact they are't diets at all, but blueprints for a life time of eating well. The recipes and simple guidelines in Men's Health Plant-Based Eating, devised with help from some of the most brilliant minds in nutrition, will help you harness the full powers of plants.

Paul Kita is the food and nutrition editor for Men's Health. His previous books include A Man, A Pan, A Plan and Guy Gourmet.
Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS is the director of nutrition at precision Nutrition and a member of the Men's Health advisory board.

Inside You'll find:
100 = satisfying plant-based recipes
How to eat plant-based in five simple steps
The top 15 plant-based protein sources. You'll never guess the plant that offers a whopping 19 grams per 1/2cup. Hint: It's NOT tofu
Plant-Based shakes that'll help you build muscle fast.
Six amazing grains for weight loss

With this cookbook, you'll learn how to make dozens of hearty, delicious meals so you can add muscle, defend against disease, maintain a healthy weight, and unleash a ton of energy.

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