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Stainless Steel Salad Set
Stainless Steel Salad Set

Standard Price: $42.00


These salad server looks stunning on any table. Making the perfect salad dressing to have a delicious salad is the first stage, having a right salad utensils to toss and coat all those beautiful greens is the second stage. Our Laguiole Salad Sets make serving up salads a dream! Made with the same level of dedication and attention to detail that goes into their steak knives, this salad set features a perfectly shaped serving fork and spoon. You will find yourself reaching for the set not just when serving up salads, but also when serving roasted potatoes or vegetables. The elegant ivory handles brings a touch of easy French elegance to your dining table! These serving utensils are the best invention by far! Serving salad requires precision because the soft berries, grape or pears in the mixture could burst, break while transferring the salad from the bowl. Say no to splashing or mixing of liquid from the fruits or vegetables.
Salads are easy to grab with the scooped, rounded heads of these modern brushed stainless servers.
Instead of leaving the serving set over the salad bowl, It is wiser to keep them near the bowl, when not in use.

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