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Rose Petal Preserve
Jar of Rose Petal Preserve

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This wonderful preserve is not only fragrant with perfect rose petals reminiscent of panoramas along the "Riviera dei Fiori" in western Liguria, but you actually feel the texture of the petals as you savor this sensory delight. It is lovingly made from real rose petals that have been hand-harvested by the ancient factory of Romanengo in Genoa, Liguria, where they have been producing rose products such as this one in the same way for centuries.

With its beautiful deep pink blush and intensely fragrant aroma, our one-of-a-kind Rose Petal Preserve is a unique condiment that will transform your kitchen. Its light rose flavor and jelly-like consistency make it an ideal accompaniment to soft cheeses, such as ripe Brie. Make rose-scented ice cream (using our Rose Petal Syrup by the same Romanengo family!) and serve with a dollop of our Rose Petal Preserve and a dollop of home-made whipped cream; your guests will be amazed at your dessert!