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Rose Buds Jar
Rose Buds Jar

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Terre Exotique carefully selects the finest spices from around the world to bring exotic flavors and delightful colors into your home. Both mind and senses travel the globe with these unique spices as they magnify even the simplest dishes. All spices are carefully developed to reveal their fragrance, and are packaged in beautiful jars to ensure their freshness.

Flowers are no longer just reserved for the great chefs of the world; with our collection we present you with modern and original ideas for making your dishes exceptional, both in taste and appearance! The subtle floral perfumes and colors of our Rose Buds bring that extra touch of refinement and beauty to your culinary creations. When making cocktails, add a Rose Bud into each ice cube mold before freezing; the result will be a beautiful addition to your cocktail! For a delicious twist on scallops, crush a few Rose Buds with pine nuts and bread crumbs, spread over your scallops, sauté or bake them; they will be fragrant and delicious! Rose Buds also add tremendous flavor to tajines, the traditional Moroccan stew. Of course, they also are a great garnish for any plate!

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