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Ravece GM, Italy
Bottle of Ravece, Italy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This Product: 375ml


Considered an ancient variety of olive, the Ravece, also known as Rotondela, olive dates back to approximately 500AD. A native to Southern Italy, where it thrives in the sun-drenched hills, the Ravece cultivar is prized for its highly organoleptic qualities. Our Ravece Rotondela is also set apart from other olive oils in its D.O.P. designation. D.O.P. stands for "Denominazione d'Origine Protetta," or "Protected Designation of Origin." It is a high high from the country with the world's highest standards for olive oil, in an area renowned for its olive oil for thousands of years.

Our Ravece Rotondela extra virgin olive oil is characteristic of the best of its cultivar. Deep green in color with hints of yellow, it displays the typical creamy consistency and fruity aroma, with notes of artichokes, freshly-cut grass and tomato coming through as well. Its taste is characteristically bitter and pungent, providing a pleasant balance to the creamy and fruity consistency.

With its creamy, buttery consistency and herbaceous aroma, our Ravece Rotondela extra virgin makes an excellent base for salad dressings and marinades. Pair with our Traditional, Black Currant or Pear Balsamic vinegars for a slightly-sweet and tart dressing on bitter salads (like radicchio, endive or arugula), or as a marinade with sea salt and spiced for grilled chicken and steak. Enjoy our Ravece Rotondela on its own as a dipping oil for crusty artisan breads, or to finish pastas, soups, stews and grain dishes before they head to the table.

100% Mono-Cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil; D.O.P.

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