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Pappardelle Bundles
Package of Pappardelle Bundles Pasta

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Pappardelle are a wide pasta, almost a thin lasagna. The taste, texture and smoothness of Alta Valle Scrivia's Pappardelle makes it one of the best pastas we've ever had! Through their choice of select, high-quality wheat and their traditional methods of pasta making, they have produced a dumpling-like pasta that turns into silky ribbons when cooked and has exquisite taste.

The classic dish Pappardelle is used with in Italy is "Pappardelle alla Lepre," or Pappardelle with a wild rabbit and tomato sauce. Of course, this Pappardelle makes a beautiful foil to any kind of tomato-and-meat sauces, and also tastes incredible alongside a classic Neapolitan caponata. For nights when simplicity is in order, a drizzle of some of our Organic Sicilian Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil is all it needs along with some Pecorino cheese, fresh basil and a sprinkling of red chili pepper flakes.

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