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Leccino (Organic) Italy
Bottle of Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic, Italy
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Hand-harvested from gorgeous Leccino trees and rigorously cold-pressed within mere hours of being harvested, our Certified Organic Leccino is an exquisite example of its variety. Olive Oil & Beyond is very proud to be among the handful of stores internationally that have access to this artisan variety. Our Leccino is also set apart from others by its prestigious D.O.P. designation. D.O.P. stands for Denominazione d'Origine Protetta--Protected Designation of Origin--a high honor in the country with the world's highest standards for olive oil, in an area renowned for its olive oil for centuries.

Our Italian Leccino has the characteristic golden color of its variety, a grassy aroma, and a buttery consistency. Its flavor is sweet and grassy with hints of almond. It has a fruity aftertaste and leaves a polite, peppery sensation after swallowing.

This Leccino's concentration of important antioxidants makes it a valuable nutritional supplement, in addition to being a delicious extra virgin olive oil. Take it a tablespoon at a time for its health benefits, or pair it with our Pear, Black Currant or Champagne Balsamic vinegars for a terrific salad dressing or dip for bread. When oil is as nutritious as this one, it is more than a condiment for your food--it is an ingredient!

Organic is much more than merely a label or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction-- for the responsible use of nature's resources.

100% Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Certified Organic; D.O.P.

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