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Flat Ware 24 pcs - Red
French Cutlery set

Standard Price: $250.00


Your Every day flatware should be as fashionable as you are!

The Laguiole knife has been crafted in the heart of France for over 200 years. Monsieur Pierre Dubost, a professional in cutlery, who was himself a cutler's son, founded Dubost Colas Pradel in 1920. They started in a small workshop but rapidly grew under the inspiration of Jean Dubost, the founder's son. The bumblebee that is found on all the Laguiole knives is one of the emblems of the area, signifying its reliability. The blade, made of high-grade stainless steel, is stamped, then ground and then polished with over 25 different manual production stages. The result is a product steeped in history and tradition that will stand the test of time.

This Jean Dubost 24 piece flatware set has a gauge of 1.5mm, is dishwasher safe, is rust resistant, and will last a lifetime. With their beautiful Red handle, they are all great for any special occasions to every day use. Certificate of Authenticity and tray included.

Care Instructions: We recommend washing your cutlery gently by hand under running hot water and to wipe it off immediately after.

Position of the cutlery:
When you have finished eating a course, and you are ready for the next one, the correct thing is to place the knife and fork forming the shape of a cross, with the fork facing up the knife to the left. If you wish to show your appreciation, you can position the cutlery to the right. This way you will indicating to the staff or your host that the food has been to your liking. But there are those who clearly show that the food has not been up to par and for this the correct thing is to place the cutlery in the same position as in case of when you are taking a break but introducing in this case the tip of the knife between the teeth of the fork! As far as positioning of the cutlery at the end of a meal, it consists simply by placing the knife and fork straight up and down in the center of the plate, with which we are implying that we have finished and the plate can be removed!

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