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Figs and Spices Chutney
Jar of Figs and Spices Chutney

Standard Price: $9.00


With its homemade style of production, L'Epicurien has carried out a cooking process that makes all its preparations slowly simmer in cauldrons to bring out the best of their natural flavors. The rich, sweet flavor of the figs, combined with the addition of spices, are deliciously revealed through this cooking process. The result is a delicious, fragrant condiment, perfect for both sweet and savory dishes alike.

Our Figs and Spices Chutney makes an excellent accompaniment to meats, especially pork tenderloin. Spoon alongside an herb-and-mustard roasted pork tenderloin or pork chops, and serve with roasted potatoes and vegetables for a delicious, elegant meal. Try our Figs and Spices Chutney for desserts as well - when added to cheeses, such as an aged Parmigiano-Reggiano or Spanish Manchego, the result is a flavorful combination that is sure to please!

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