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Farfalle Arcobaleno (Rainbow Bowties)
Package of Farfalle Arcobaleno Pasta (Rainbow Bowties)

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Made by the artisans at the Marella pasta factory in Puglia, Italy, our Farfalle Arcobaleno " Rainbow Bowties pasta is some of the most beautiful pasta we have ever come across! Made with all Certified Organic ingredients, our Farfalle Arcobaleno features brightly colored bow-tie shaped pasta; the use of all natural vegetable dyes (spinach, beetroot, turmeric and paprika) ensures that the vibrant colors remain, even after the cooking process. It is a favorite with both parents and kids alike!

Because of the gorgeous bright colors, we love our Farfalle Arcobaleno simply with good extra virgin olive oil or melted butter and a dusting of cheese. Our Organic Butter Infused extra virgin olive oil combines the best of both worlds -- the flavor of butter and the properties of olive oil! Drizzle over the pasta, shave Parmigiano-Reggiano over and tear up some fresh basil leaves for a delicious meal. Of course, a pesto-like sauce is also delicious. Thin out our Black Olives Spread with our Italian Moraiolo extra virgin olive oil for a flavorful pasta-ready sauce!

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