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Crushed Jalapeno
Bottle of Crushed Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Standard Price: $18.00
This Product: 375ml


Our high-quality crushed extra virgin olive oils are a culinary delight. Buttery and smooth in consistency and alive with flavor, these oils will satisfy discriminating gourmets and novice cooks alike. Unlike other brands, whose process is to infuse the oil with flavors, we actually CRUSH fresh chilies and organic tree-ripened olives together, resulting in density unparalleled by other methods...you can taste the differences!

Our Jalapeno extra virgin olive oil has all the aroma and zesty flavor of jalapeno chilies, primarily noticeable as you swallow this flavorful oil. This buttery-textured infusion is perfect when you crave some South-of-the-Border flair!

Our Jalapeno is an excellent base for dressings and marinades. Use it when marinating steaks, or brush it on grilled chicken or seafood. Drizzle over grilled vegetables or pizza fro a spicy meal. Pair the Jalapeno with our Bergamot & Lime White, Raspberry or Tangerine Balsamic vinegars for sweet and spicy vinaigrette over a Southwest-style salad of mixed greens, black beans, corn and bell peppers.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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