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Crushed Habanera
Bottle of Crushed Habanera Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Standard Price: $20.00
This Product: 375ml


Our high-quality crushed extra virgin olive oils are a culinary delight. Buttery and smooth in consistency and alive with flavor, these oils will satisfy discriminating gourmets and novice cooks alike. Unlike other brands, whose process is to infuse the oil with flavors, we actually CRUSH fresh, organic chilies and organic tree-ripened olives together, resulting in density unparalleled by other methods...you can taste the differences!

For serious hot pepper fans who want the true flavor of Habanera peppers with a balanced heat, our Habanera extra virgin delivers-- it is an authentic taste of Latin America! Habanera chilies are tiny, fiery chili peppers; but what they lack in size, they make up for in their fierce heat.

For a twist on this fiery Latin American staple, mix our Habanera extra virgin with lime juice, salt and pepper to make a zesty, spicy marinade when baking fish, or add it to a mix of herbs for delicious herb-roasted chicken.Use by itself for finishing pasta al dente or drizzle it over focaccia bread for a delicious mix of flavors. Add to fresh mango salsa and serve alongside seafood or steak for a marriage made in heaven!

Organic is much more than merely a label or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction-- for the responsible use of nature's resources.

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