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Conquering Autism - Reclaiming Your Child Through Natuaral Therapies
Book cover for Conquering Autism - Reclaiming Your Child Through Natural Therapies by Stephen B Edelson, M.D.

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In this compassionate and critically important book, readers will discover that:

- Toxins in our environment are linked to autism, hyperactivity, and ADD;

- In the past 50 years, more than 75,000 new chemical compounds have been released into the environment;

- Annually, the United States produces more than 300 million tons of toxic waste, with a direct and corresponding link to increased childhood disorders;

And: Why many physicians misunderstand the source of autism - How to speak to your doctor about the latest advances and treatment options for autism; how you can remove or reduce the toxins in your home, school, and office; and why drugs like Ritalin merely mask the symptoms of environmental damage, while never addressing the underlying cause of hyperactivity or ADD.

Updated with a new outcome study documenting the positive, life-changing results of Dr. Edelson's treatment plan, Conquering Autism gets readers on the path to healing.

- January is National Autism Awareness Month.