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Acacia Honey
Acacia Honey

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A wonderfully sweet, liquid honey, our Acacia Honey produced by Dr. Pescia is produced by bees feeding on the nectar of acacia blossoms in a national park in northeast Tuscany. A lovely, golden honey, it is extremely floral and delicate; its mild aroma and fruity, delicate taste make it ideal to give to young children on their morning toast!

Thanks to its light, sweet and fruity aroma and taste, our gorgeous Acacia Honey is an extremely versatile honey. It is perfect smeared over hot, buttery toast in the morning, or drizzled over breakfast pastries or scones with afternoon tea. Our Acacia Honey is also a showstopper in savory dishes -- it makes a wonderful glaze for game and poultry when mixed with some of our Italian extra virgin olive oil, our Sherry Reserva Wine vinegar, our Dijon mustard and our dried Herbs de Provence. Because of its light flavor, our Acacia Honey is a great choice to use in our recipe for Cajun Turkey.

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