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Gardener Sea Salt in a Box
Gardener Sea Salt in a Box
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Our Gardener Sea Salt in a Box is the perfect blend of sea salt and dried herbs to bring out the natural flavor of foods. A combination of dried parsley, tarragon, garlic and chervil mixed with premium sea salt adds a gourmet seasoned touch to any kind of vegetable, without reaching for multiple spice jars. It is protected in a plastic bag to ensure freshness, which is placed inside the decorative wood-and-tin box.

A flavorful seasoning for dipping oil, cooking or grilling, this French sea salt adds rich, sumptuous flavor to vegetables of any kind; the outstanding aromatic flavors are attributable to the herbs, which are lovingly grown and cultivated by hand in France. Try seasoning your next batch of roasted vegetables with our Gardener Sea Salt, and finish with a drizzle of our Organic Crushed Tarragon extra virgin olive oil to help bring out the flavors of the vegetables. It is also excellent sprinkled over salads featuring different chopped vegetables, lentils and mixed greens.

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