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Kalamata Spain
Kalamata Spain
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Despite the fact that there are hundreds of olive varieties in the world, the Greek olive oil is extracted mainly from one type of olive - Royal Kalamata or "Koroneiki". Also known as the Koroneiki, this is the smallest variety of Kalamata olives. Kalamata Royal or Koroneiki variety produces one of the finest olive oils in the world. Greek varietals in general have a smoother taste than those from Tuscany. Our Kalamata olive oil is estate grown, cold pressed, and has a naturally low acidity.

Juicy, fruity and slightly nutty flavor. Dense consistency with a smooth finish.

Drizzle over seafood, vegetables, or in desserts. It is delicious when paired with our Fig, Raspberry, Organic, or Pomegranate Balsamic vinegars. Whisk it with our Barrel-aged White Wine vinegar and some Dijon mustard for very creamy Dijon vinaigrette.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor Robusto- Limited

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