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Arbosana Australia
Arbosana Australia
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The Arbosana is a Spanish olive variety, known for its pungent, fruity taste. It is often blended into other oils to improve their taste and aroma. Because of its extraordinarily high cancer-fighting antioxidant value and its high concentration of oleic acid, the Arbosana is often taken by the tablespoon as a nutritional supplement.
Intensely grassy and fruity aromas. Hints of apple with a nutty flavor. Light and buttery consistency with a pungent and bitter yet smooth finish.
Drizzle over fresh fish or lobster to enjoy the richness of butter without the guilt. The Arbosana is also delicious with breads (especially a strongly flavored sourdough, olive, or rosemary bread) or in salads when paired with our Organic, Tangerine and Honey Ginger White Balsamic vinegars.
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor Robust - Limited

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