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Volterra Porcini Salt
Jar of Volterra Porcini Salt

Standard Price: $19.00
This Product: 3.5 oz

From the breathtaking Abruzzo region of Italy comes this incredible salt blend. It is a mix of premium sea salt and earthy porcini mushrooms; every jar contains an intensely aromatic blend of Italian sea salt, porcini mushrooms and a collection of herbs and spices. With its earthy brown color reflecting its naturally rich taste, our gorgeous Porcini & Salt reflects one of Abruzzo's great food traditions.

This aromatic and very flavorful salt blend is perfect for adding a hint of rich flavor anywhere it is desired. Try adding a pinch to risotto; it will perfectly complement the creaminess and nutty flavor of the rice. We especially love it with our Black Truffle Risotto! Thanks to its consistency and earthy flavors, our Porcini & Salt makes an excellent rub for halibut and chicken, and even game meats. Season the meat of your choice, grill and finish with a drizzle of our premium Porcini Mushroom extra virgin olive oil to really round out all of the flavors. Roasted vegetables, especially an assortment of different wild mushrooms, taste heavenly when sprinkled with Porcini & Salt before they go in the oven; they make the perfect accompaniment to our Egg Pasta Pappardelle!

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