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Tagliatelle Black Squid Ink
Package of Tagliatelle Black Squid Ink Pasta

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Our Tagliatelle with Black Squid Ink is lovingly made using the finest durum wheat and dehydrated squid ink, which gives the pasta its distinctive deep blue-black color. Traditionally served with seafood, squid ink pasta is popular among the islands of Italy, especially Sardegna. The wide shape of the tagliatelle noodle makes it a versatile pasta to use in virtually any dish.

We love our Tagliatelle with Black Squid Ink just as they prepare it in Sardegna-- tossed with seafood (like calamari and shrimp) and more black squid ink. A drizzle of some of our Organic Crushed Whole Fruit Lime or Meyer Lemon extra virgin olive oils adds a hint of freshness and a delightful burst of citrus that goes well with the seafood flavor. To spice it up, toss it with some of our Organic Red Hot Pepperoncini extra virgin olive oil.

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