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Stringozzi all'Arancia (Orange)
Package of Stringozzi all'Arancia (Orange)

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La Romagna's Stringozzi pasta is a traditional Umbrian knife-cut durum wheat pasta lunga, similar to spaghetti but with a shoelace square cut. They have a hearty structure and with the addition of orange essential oil and juice to our Stringozzi all'Arancia, the pasta takes on the delicate flavor and aroma of fresh Italian oranges. The Pastificio La Romagna was established over 50 years ago in Foligno, the provincial of heart of Umbria in central Italy, by pasta artisan Libio Fratini. La Romagna is a family-based, small-scale producer of traditional durum wheat and egg pastas. Their pastas contain the finest ingredients available, such as Apulian durum wheat flour, and pure filtered water; gradual air-drying before packaging preserves the pasta's hearty structure, full flavor and sauce-gripping texture.

With the addition of orange essential oil and juice, our Stringozzi all'Arancia is heavenly when served with seafood or duck. Simply toss the Stringozzi with some of our Italian Itrana extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil, and serve with shrimp or salmon. For an easy, summery dinner, our Stringozzi is delicious with our Organic Crushed Whole Fruit Meyer Lemon or Blood Orange extra virgin olive oils and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

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