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Spanish Saffron La Rosera in Glass Bottle
Spanish Saffron La Rosera in Glass Bottle

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This 100% pure Spanish Saffron from La Mancha features superior grade quality Spanish saffron. Hand harvested from the crocus flower, it takes over 200,000 flower heads to produce only half a pound of La Mancha saffron! Spanish Saffron is the finest spice in the world (ours has received Spain's prestigious "Denominaciรณn de Origen" designation), although it accounts for only a small portion of the world's production. These deep red threads (stigma) contain no waste or white plant parts (styles) that reduce the quality or add to cost, making our Saffron from La Mancha one of the finest we have come across!

Saffron releases its flavor when heated, so make sure to add it before your dish has finished cooking! We recommend 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Saffron threads be added to a recipe that serves 6-8 people. You may add the saffron directly to the dish, or infuse it in warm liquid to release the flavor. Feel free to experiment by making a saffron "tea" by using water, broth, or wine to add to your favorite recipe. Some traditional recipes recommend gently toasting the saffron in a skillet (being careful not to burn) and then grinding prior to adding to the dish. You'll find our recipe for flavorful, tender Chicken Scallopine with Saffron Cream Sauce on our Blog!

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