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Saffron Honey (Acacia Honey with Saffron Threads)
Jar of Saffron Honey (Acacia Honey with Saffron Threads)
Standard Price: $14.00
This Product: 3.5oz

Inspired by Casina Rossa's Saffron & Salt, we have created an evocative condiment equally as pleasing to the palate and beautiful to the eye. Luxurious, golden acacia honey is blended with delicate saffron threads to create a balanced union between sweet and savory.

Use this treasure to dress up aged cheeses, or drizzle over cream cheese and serve with crackers for an easy appetizer. Spooned over ice cream, our Saffron Honey makes for a decadent, unexpected twist on dessert! Add a spoonful to sauces, marinades or dressings where a little sweetness is needed; the acacia honey lightly sweetens, while the saffron adds rich flavor.

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