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Rose Petal Syrup
Bottle of Rose Petal Syrup
Standard Price: $24.00
This Product: 1.35 oz

Our artisanal Rose Petal Syrup comes from fragrant roses grown in the hills around Genoa, Italy. Lovingly hand-picked from only the finest, chemical-free flowers, the petals that go into making this syrup give it its characteristic deep pink color and incredible floral aroma and taste. Made by seven generations of the same family, the tradition and history behind this Rose Petal Syrup ensure that cooks today can enjoy the same level of quality and taste as the generations before them.

Most definitely one of the most flavorful rose syrups we have ever come across, this nectar of the gods will make your next cake or pastry presentation! It boasts a concentrated flavor and aroma of the delicate rose petal, making it the perfect addition to so many dishes. Use one or two tablespoons over shaved ice, in milk shakes and smoothies or in ice cream to add a hint floral sweetness and richness. Our Rose Petal Syrup also makes a great addition to cake or scone batter!