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Rose Petal Flower Confit
Jar of Rose Petal Flower Confit

Standard Price: $6.50

The term confit refers to food that has been cooked in a syrup; this unique confit is made from the delicate petals of roses grown in southern France. With its floral aroma and jelly-like consistency, there are so many applications for this beautiful jelly. Its floral aroma and subtle rose flavor will elevate any dish, from simple morning toast with butter to home-made ice cream.

Our Rose Petal Flower Confit has a jelly-like consistency and gorgeous floral flavor that can be used so many ways. We think it is best enjoyed over cheeses-- try a rich, tangy blue cheese for delicious results, or a ripe, delicate Brie with walnuts and a drizzle of our Signature Reserve 1330 Balsamic vinegar for an elegant twist on dessert. For a sweeter dessert, dollop a spoonful over panna cotta or vanilla ice cream and follow with our Rose Petal Syrup.

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