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Puttanesca Sauce Mix
Package of Puttanesca Sauce Mix

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This typical southern Italian dish is one of the most well-known sauces throughout Italy. It contains olives, capers, onions, tomato flakes, garlic, parsley, bell peppers and oregano; the name, Puttanesca, is an ode to the ladies of the night who would throw together whatever they could find in the kitchen to make a quick sauce for pasta before going to work! Puttanesca has since become known and loved the world over for being full of fresh flavors.

Our Puttanesca Sauce Mix is so easy to make - simply reconstitute in a cup of hot water, sautee in premium extra virgin olive oil (like our Spanish Arbequina or Italian Cardinale), add our San Marzano tomatoes and let it simmer. Puttanesca is traditionally served over linguine, but it is also delicious with our Pappardelle Bundles, which give off a dumpling-like quality when cooked. For something more hearty and healthy, we love our Pizzoccheri Buckwheat Pasta; just finish with a drizzle of our Italian Coratina or Ravece Rotondela Reserve extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves, and feel transported to sunny southern Italy!

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