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Pommery Lion's Mustard
Jar of Pommery Lion's Mustard
Standard Price: $16.00

Imported directly from France, this extra hot and spicy blend is literally the mustard of kings, served at the tables of French royalty since 1632. Meaux Pommery Mustard has been making their mustards according to closely-guarded secret family recipes since 1760. Their Lion's Mustard lives up to its name - it is fiery and hot, with the spice making your taste buds roar like a lion!

Our Pommery Lion's Mustard has so many delicious applications. Use in vinaigrette with our Italian Leccino extra virgin olive oil, our Champagne Wine vinegar, herbs and garlic. It goes especially well with meats, like veal, lamb or roasts. Perfect for mustard chicken recipes or slathered on a fresh baguette topped with ham and Gruyere cheese.

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