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Miel de Romarin 8.8 oz jar
Miel de Romarin 8.8 oz jar

Standard Price: $12.00

From the small village of Bonnieux in Provence, along France's southeastern coastline, comes this exquisite honey made exclusively from the rosemary plant. The happy bees in Provence feed on the nectar of rosemary blossoms, making this an amazingly aromatic and flavorful honey. With a beautiful deep golden color and a slightly richer taste than our Miel de Lavande from the same region, our Miel de Romarin is an excellent choice to use anywhere the flavors of sunny Provence are desired!

Use as a spread for toast in the morning, or atop Greek yogurt or mascarpone cheese with toasted walnuts or hazelnuts. Because of its aromatic flavor and dense, creamy consistency, our Miel de Romarin is a great choice to use when cooking savory dishes. It is fabulous in our recipe for Roasted Turkey Breast with a Peach Rosemary Glaze...you can find the recipe on our Blog!

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