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Mediterraneo Spiced Sea Salt
Jar of Mediterraneo Spiced Sea Salt

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Classic Mediterranean herbs (such as rosemary, oregano, bay leaves and sage) and rock salt make this one of our favorite salt mixes to use with just about anything Italian, especially pork and roasts. It comes from Castiglione della Pescaia, in Tuscany; a sprinkle of this salt mix on hot food brings out the aromas and tastes of Italy! Castiglione della Pescaia along the Maremma coast of central Italy is worth a visit, not just for the scenic coast, but also for the fascinating salt ponds visible in the area.

Our Mediterraneo Spiced Salt is ideal for pork, vegetables and all kinds of baked meats. For an easy marinade, combine it with our Italian Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil and rub over steaks; refrigerate for one hour before grilling them and finishing with a drizzle of our Organic Crushed Rosemary extra virgin olive oil. A sprinkle of this Mediterraneo Spiced Salt will liven up even simple steamed vegetables like broccoli, along with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

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