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Bottle of Frantoio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Frantoio is the predominant varietal in Italy's national olive oil production. Italian for "olive press," our California Frantoio olive oil is estate-produced with olives that are crushed within four hours of picking. Frantoio's flavor is characteristic of its variety - pale gold in color with a decadently buttery consistency. Because of its extraordinarily high cancer-fighting antioxidant value and its high concentration of oleic acid, the Californian Frantoio is often taken by the tablespoon as a nutritional supplement.

Our Californian Frantoio features in its aroma notes of green leaves and grass. Hints of green apple, green tomatoes and fresh walnut flavor notes come through in its flavor, and it has wonderfully buttery texture. It finishes with a sweet, mild astringent almond flavor and a peppery sensation.

This is an ideal partner for our Red Apple & Traditional 12 Year Balsamic vinegars, creating a rich and creamy, sweet-tart vinaigrette or dip for fresh artisan bread. Try it in lieu of butter on fresh steamed or roasted vegetables with any of our delicious seasoned salts!

Organic is much more than merely a label or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction-- for the responsible use of nature's resources.

100% Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Certified Organic

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