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Ascolano California
A bottle of Ascolano Early Harvest California
Standard Price: $20.00
This Product: 375ml


Ascolano olive trees are very heavy bearers of big fruit with soft-textured delicately flavored meat and very small pits, and the skin is a light green color. Brought to California from Italy in 1885, its fruit ripens about mid September to mid October. Our Ascolano is delicious, all-purpose olive oil that will add flavor to your dishes without overwhelming the other ingredients. Golden in color, it features a sweet--almost floral aroma. In taste and consistency, this treasure is reminiscent of melted butter, and its flavor includes hints of banana or artichoke amidst its true olive fruitiness. This oil is ideal for drizzling over spaghetti and angel hair pastas and for bruschetta or crostini. Use it when grilling fish, chicken and vegetables, or when looking for ways to replace butter in your cooking and diet. Try Ascolano Early Harvest instead of butter when you're making garlic bread or mashing potatoes. Paired with our Red Apple or Blueberry Balsamic, you'll have a terrific vinaigrette or table dip for fresh bread.
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Single Flavor

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