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Aprutino, Italy Reserve
Premium extra virgin olive oil-Aprutino Italy, Olive Oil & Beyond

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The gently rolling hills along Italy's eastern coastline, the Abruzzo region, are home to some of the world's best mono-cultivar extra virgin olive oils-- and our Aprutino is no exception. The production of olive oil is an important part of the local economy, where our producers are committed to making single-variety extra virgin olive oils of unsurpassed quality and taste. Their dedication to their craft has led to the Aprutino's D.O.P. designation, which stands for "Denominazione d'Origine Protetta"--Protected Designation of Origin--a high honor in the country with the world's highest standards for olive oil, in an area renowned for its olive oil for thousands of years.

A true feast for the senses, our Aprutino extra virgin will delight even discriminatory palates! It has a vivid yellow and green color, delighting the eye; the intensely fruity aroma is a treat for the nose; and its buttery, fruity taste, with notes of almonds, artichokes and herbs, will tantalize the taste buds.

Used by itself, our Aprutino extra virgin olive oil makes a flavorful finishing touch to soups, pastas and grilled or roasted vegetables; when paired with some aromatic herbs, it makes for a delicious dipping oil for artisan breads. Pair it with our Blackberry or Strawberry Balsamic vinegars for a fruity, tart Mediterranean marinade or vinaigrette that will complement salads as well as grilled chicken.

100% Mono-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil; D.O.P.

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