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  Red Peppers Chutney with Espelette Chili

Standard Price: $9.00

With its homemade style of production, L'Epicurien has carried out a cooking process that makes all its preparations slowly simmer in cauldrons to bring out the best of their natural flavors. The bright flavor of red peppers, along with the spice of French Espelette chilis, are deliciously revealed through this cooking process. The result is a condiment that is the perfect marriage between rich, sweet red peppers, spices and hot Espelette chili.

There are so many delicious uses for this chutney. It makes a great side for white meats, such as chicken or pork; it will also bring plenty of flavor to curries or rice dishes. It also makes a great spread for sandwiches with leftover chicken or pork the next day!

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